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No specific info about version 3.0. Please visit the main page of Mario Forever on Software Informer.

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    Helen Cobos 4 years ago
    Pros: The best game
    Cons: None

    The game makes forget about almost EVERYTHING) I'm in love with it!

    • 0
      Ann 4 years ago

      I support you))) I have been playing Mario since I was 5... And what matters I am still crazy about it)) THE BEST!

  • 0
    Jose Roque Sturza 6 years ago

    Latest version is 102. Be careful with version 101 ! It brings a virus in its
    setup file. Regards

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    CaptnObvious8 6 years ago

    The currently listed version only applies to nVidia graphics cards.
    The ATI equivalent is version 0.69 .
    These drivers are not actual proprietary drivers from the companies that make the graphics cards. They are (legally) modified drivers from a separate third-party. Supposedly modified for enhanced performance, graphical appearance, stability, or a combination of the three, which is claimed to be above and beyond the manufacturer's version.
    My opinion of these drivers is that they offer FAR superior performance and more options than the "default" driver versions that they are based on, while actual visual quality is equal. In other words, an increase in performance and smoother game-play doesn't HAVE to come at either the cost of appearance (or the cost of a new graphics card).
    As these drivers are based upon older versions of Forceware or Catalyst drivers, NEWER graphics card users probably won't receive much benefit, and probably a decrease in performance. The good news for YOU guys is that the newer manufacturer drivers are TAILOR-MADE for your hardware, and new versions are being released about every month, lol.
    For those of us that DON'T have the "latest and greatest" hardware and feel like we're getting left in the dust, the DHzer0point drivers could definitely add some playability, and POSSIBILITY, to many games that would normally make us shake our heads going "Yeah... I WISH..." when looking at their box covers.
    The only downside is a decrease in stability. Freezing, lock-ups, etc, are a LITTLE bit more common. But I also have a laptop, not a desktop. Laptops are NOTORIOUS for being extremely picky about their drivers. Only way to get optimum STABILITY is to get drivers directly from the manufacturer of your laptop (NOT ATI or nVidia). (And good luck getting THEM to care about anything other than basic use, sleep mode, and web browsing.)

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